CES 2014 VIDEO: This Is Ground Cord Organizers

Is there anything more irritating than the desktop jumble of cords, adapters, connectors, twist-ties and other electronic vomit whenever you're trying to hook up your laptop or portable devices all over the place?

Well, yeah, we guess there are several things more irritating…but c'mon, all that mess and disorder is fairly high on the annoying meter.

That's where This Is Ground comes in.  The L.A.-based company doesn't think your tangled ball of wires and device hookups should just litter your desk like R2-D2 exploded…so they've created some simple, but stylish leather products like the "Cord Taco" to help clean up and organize all those wires for your iOS or Mac devices.

Check out our quickie introduction to the good people at This Is Ground and their interesting products.


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