CES 2014: Get in Bed with Award Winning Withings Aura

Already honored with the CES 2014  Innovation Award in the Health & Fitness category, the first ever active smart sleep system wants to revolutionize the way we sleep. Withings Aura monitors and improves your sleep experience, recording sleeping environment and providing a complete understanding of your sleep patterns work.

Withings Aura is a discreet sleep sensor placed under the mattress that syncs with a sensitively designed bedside device. Together, they record and monitor your sleeping patterns. The sensor records body movements, heart rate and breathing cycle while the bedside device screens your bedroom for light levels, noise pollution and room temperature.

Once all data has been recorded, Withings Aura provides scientifically proven LED dimming light and sound programs, that will adapt to your personal body clock. The system will be available for $299 in Spring 2014.


CES 2014: Day 2 at CES



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