CES 2014: Chevy Intros Onboard Video for Corvette Stingray

At CES 2014 this week, Chevrolet announced an industry-first: The 2015 Corvette Stingray will be outfitted with a Performance Data Recorder (PDR), a factory-installed, fully integrated system that lets budding racers record and share high-definition video of their runs—complete with professional telemetry overlays that include data such as a GPS trace, current gear, speed, an acceleration meter, and more.

The PDR system was developed with Cosworth, the British motorsports engineering company that supplies the Corvette Racing team’s data acquisition and telemetry electronics system. It includes three major components that are all seamlessly integrated into the Stingray’s interior.

You get a tiny, 720p, high-definition camera that’s mounted within the windshield header trim, a self-contained telemetry recorder and a dedicated SD-card slot hidden in the glove box for capturing and transferring video and vehicle data.

The PDR system will be available with the start of regular 2015 Corvette production, and Chevy isn’t announcing pricing until they get closer to launch.


CES 2014: Day 1 at the Consumer Electronics Show; 1/7/14



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