7 Funny Videos About Gingers


Are you for or against gingers? The internet has been historically divided on this question about redheads, and whether or not they have souls. The kind of prejudice and stereotyping gingers have to endure would make me very angry very quickly, if I, too, was a fiery-tempered ginger. Here are 7 funny videos about gingers:


South Park: Gingervitus

The presentation that real middle schoolers took seriously for some reason.


Gingers Do Have Souls!

A timeless internet classic.


Ginger Has An Ugly Soul

Also, face.


Freckles: The Ginger Experience (Chatroulette)

He didn’t have a plan if someone said they did want to see his firecrotch.


The Truth About Gingers

Yes, but redheads can’t be burned by fire, right?


Hale & Pace – “The Ginger Song”

But you do get to sing songs about it.


BBC News – Comedian Leads Ginger Pride Walk In Edinburgh

Hey hey! Ho ho! Ginger kids aren’t scary, yo!


Geoffrey Golden is a bestselling author and Editor-in-Chief of The Devastator comedy magazine. Header via.