The Best of Crave Online Life & Style 2013


The year that was saw Crave Online get blessed by The Pope with Harley-Davidson’s 110th.

Crave Online Life & Style might not have conquered the world in 2013, but the section certainly saw a lot of it. Across multiple continents, hemisphere to hemisphere, Life & Style had boots on the ground reporting the best in cars, motorcycles, travel, gadgets, booze and entertainment.

The past year's coverage not only showed off the ambition of Crave Online to expand its reach, but it also demonstrated how much of the good life Life & Style encompasses. We don't turn away pleasure around here. In that spirit, we present out Best of Crave Online Life Style for 2013:

  1. HD110: Harley-Davidson commemorated its 110th Anniversary in 2013, celebrating the event with a yearlong, global series of rallies that brought thousands of motorcycle lovers together in a Milwaukee iron-inspired salute to loud misbehavior. Crave Online made it to bashes in New Zealand, South Africa, Daytona Beach, Germany, Mexico, Rome and the final birthday party in Milwaukee.

    We can confirm that I attended more rallies in more countries than any other member of the media on Planet Earth – and more than any one representative of Harley-Davidson itself. Finally, our coverage of the #HD110 Tsunami Bike at the Harley-Davidson Museum won the 2013 Texas Automotive Writers Association Excellence in Craft Award.

  2. CES 2013: The annual Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas just keeps getting bigger. These days, an estimated 150,000 tech professionals swarm into town to demo and cover the latest in technology. In 2013, Crave Online sent a team of video crews and reporters to the insane convention floor so the consumers who can't attend could see what was headed their way.

    We're upping the ante in 2014 by sending a bigger team to Vegas for an all-out tech blitz. Stay tuned.


    Aston Martin’s Vanquish in New Orleans kicked off our supercar coverage in 2013.

  3. Supercars: Crave Online has been doing automotive reviews for years, but 2013 saw our emergence into supercar coverage. From Aston Martin to Rolls-Royce to SRT Viper, the site served up the experience of driving some of the world's elite rides.
  4. Clocked Out: Crave Online's video coverage exploded in 2013, and Life & Style kicked off the entertaining Clocked Out series with our own Nash Herrington. From celebrities to events to gadgets to just about anything else Nash comes across, Clocked Out is going to stick around here for a while.



    Pennard Golf Course in Swansea, Wales looks out over a ruined castle and the sea.


  5. Journey Across Wales: Both 2013 and 2014 are big years for Wales, and the good people representing Welsh tourism invited us overseas to sample everything the beautiful country has to offer. A personal highlight for me was playing some of the region's best Welsh golf courses.
  6. SXSW 2013: Austin's South by Southwest has rapidly grown into one of the biggest events on the pop culture calendar. Combining music with movies, TV and cutting edge artistry, SXSW put Austin on the map as a rival of LA and New York in the creativity game. Coverage for this eclectic affair spills over from Life & Style to Film, TV and Music sections here. Crave Online hit Texas hard this year, and we will again in 2014.



    Ole Smoky Moonshine is a family’s way of life in the historic east Tennessee Hills.


  7. Ole Smoky Moonshine: Crave Online is expanding its spirits coverage as we speak, and we don't mean the kind that lure idiots with night vision cameras to taunt empty rooms. A big step in exploring the world of hooch was visiting Ole Smoky Moonshine in eastern Tennessee. Intended as a look into how a historic product is made, it turned into an exploration of a region and its culture.



    The Doctor Who Experience in Cardiff, Wales was the epicenter for the show’s 50th.


  8. Doctor Who's 50th Anniversary: The crown jewel of the BBC, Doctor Who became mainstream in 2013 as the longest running science fiction show in television history celebrated its 50th Anniversary. Coverage of The Doctor's birthday was all over the Crave Online Television section, but, during our journey across Wales, we visited the Doctor Who Experience in Cardiff to see the 50th's commemoration.
  9. Squibs: You're a busy person. I know that. You haven't got time to sit around on our arse all day reading online news and opinions. So, I coined the Squib series to transform Life & Style news into short, quick and manageable bits. These days, I expanded the Squib series to cover Tech, Golf, Booze and Travel.
  10. Comic-Con: When they read two powerful pop culture words, most people think Dan Diego. However, Crave Online's Comi-Con coverage went cross-country and international this year. Obviously, the Comics, Film and TV sections do a lot of the intensive work, but Life & Style went beyond the headlines to examine the regions and the people behind the events. 

It'll be hard to beat 2013, but let's see what we can dig up for 2014. It's an important effort because, in a time when we keep getting told men are a dying breed or no longer necessary, Crave Online Life & Style is always a good place to visit and linger while flipping off the world and enjoying guys' collective existence as a defiant dinosaur.