Unboxing The Awesome: Marshall Stanmore Speaker

As I return home for Christmas this year, it's easy to think back and reminisce on my days growing up in music.  My first guitar in 7th grade: a bright red Telecaster.  The first song I learned: "You Really Got Me" by The Kinks.  And most of all, I think about the time I spent with my dad, playing by his side.  I know this seems like an odd opening to an article reviewing a Bluetooth speaker, but trust me, it's relevant.

Anyone who has shopped for Bluetooth speakers knows there is an endless list of options.  Everybody has "the best" speaker on the market and it can be tough to delineate which one is the best for your needs.  My recommendation is to find the speaker that has at least three key features that fit the bill for you.  With that list in hand, here are the three reasons why I'm loving the Marshall Stanmore Speaker:


Wide Selection of Inputs

Most Bluetooth speakers have two input options: Bluetooth and 1/8" Miniplug.  One of the great benefits of the Marshall Stanmore Speaker is flexibility.  The Stanmore boasts a L-R RCA IN and a Digital Optical IN, in addition to having a clean Bluetooth connection and the standard 1/8" Miniplug.  Personally, I've never seen a Digital Optical IN on a portable Bluetooth speaker, but love the fact that I can use the speaker to boost sound if I'm watching a concert on TV in my apartment.


Well-Rounded, Crisp Sound

The Stanmore is an Active Stereo Loudspeaker with a Bass Reflex System, featuring two (2) 3/4" Dome Tweeters that operate at 20W each; and one (1) 5 1/4" Woofer that operates at 40W for a well-rounded 80W of awesome sound. 

numbers_set_03Classic Marshall Look and Feel

This is what really sets this speaker apart from the crowd.  It's also what brings the opening of this article full circle.  Reminiscence. 

If you're a fan of the music industry and its history, you will love the Stanmore.  If you're a musician, especially a guitarist, you will absolutely love the Stanmore.  The moment I laid eyes on the tight black upholstery, woven grill and signature tone/volume knobs, I melted.  This may be a Bluetooth speaker, but to me, it is the Marshall Stack Head Unit I drooled over at Phil Uhlik Music in Wichita, Kansas every time I convinced my mom to drop me off afterschool. 

At the end of the day, the Marshall Stanmore Speaker delivers on the necessary tech to set it apart from the competition.  And at the beginning of your dreams, it calls to you, tells you to play with it, because it wants to show you a good time.

I know I'm starting to sound crazy… But love can do that to a man…