2013 Celebrity Deaths

Every year, we look back at the list of celebrities and world figures that passed in the preceding 12 months — and we shake our heads.

Why did [insert young celebrity] have to go so soon?

Why couldn’t anybody get through to [insert celebrity trainwreck]?

We say things like, “Oh my God, I remember where I was when I heard [insert international luminary] died.”

…and “Wow…I didn’t know [insert veteran character actor] died this year!”

…and “Man, I am really gonna miss [insert beloved icon].”

It goes that way every year…yet, the collective loss of a different array of movie stars, sports heroes, rock gods and the like over a 365 day stretch always strike us in a different way.

There’s no replacing James Gandolfini.  Or Lou Reed.  Or Stan the Man. 

And to say there will never be another Nelson Mandela is trite to the point of ridiculous.

The loss of a Cory Monteith reminds us of how sad a life wasted can be.  The death of a Roger Ebert reminds us of how much we can all do when tested.  And the death of a Carmine Infantino or an Elmore Leonard or a Michael Ansara show us that a life spent doing what you love is the greatest of achievements.

Take a minute and look over our remembrance of those who left us in 2013…lots of varied and profound lessons to be learned from these men and women.