Tech Squibs: Moneual Robot Vacuum Cleaner Saves Lives


SQUIB: a : a short humorous or satiric writing or speech; b : a short news item. (Merriam-Webster) 

This Tech Squibs comes with a dramatic, overkill headline. If there was room, it'd read, "Moneual Rydis Vacuum Cleaner Saves Bachelors' Lives."

You're never going to buy a more useful robot for only about $300 than the Moneual Robot Vacuum Cleaner. About the width of a basketball hoop, the wheeled device roams about the home cleaning any manner of debris from carpet, hardwood and tiles floors. Armed with a rechargeable battery and a removable compartment for collection and removal of various filth.

The Moneual comes with a remote control and multiple settings to keep your floors clean. The robot can roam your home, going from room to room over the course of an hour plus. The device can focus on a specific spot, or (with the addition of special scrubbing pads) "mop" the kitchen or bath. It'll then chug back to its charging base unaided, juicing up until you need it again.

It'a an absolute gift from on high — especially for single guys. I'm not saying anyone should buy into the cliche that bachelors are sloppy. But, bachelors are sloppy — and the Moneual makes a very practical and thoughtful gift for the slop on your list.