Holiday Cocktails: Spiced Thanksgiving Cocktail Recipes

At your Thanksgiving gathering this year, break from your parents’ tired tradition of limiting the cocktail options to beer & wine at the table. Crave’s here to help you lead by example with some new holiday cocktail trends!

Every week we’ll bring you a new collection of themed recipes as we make our way into the holiday hurricane. This week, to celebrate Thanksgiving, we’re featuring spiced cocktails for your holiday throwdown. Rather than the weird stuff nobody really wants to drink like gravy sangrias and pumpkin pie martinis, we’re bringing you the most perfectly delicious cocktails for the occasion – with a unique twist or two along the way. Play bartender and keep yourself busy while your family grills you with the same questions about your job, relationship status or if you’ve heard about this new “twerking” thing all the kids are doing. You can thank us later. 

Check out six Spiced Holiday Cocktails recipes for your Thanksgiving gatherings!


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