The Big List: Monty Python On Reddit! Obama Sucked Into The Internet!

Time to create a billion dollar corporation, pay your employees way too little, encourage them to help each other with a food drive, watch it backfire as people ask why the billion dollar corporation isn’t helping its own workers get food this Thanksgiving, stammer, freak out and check out these links!


Terrified Obama Trapped Inside Website (The Onion),34615

On the upside, maybe he’ll come out again as a Freakazoid?


Walmart Store Holding Thanksgiving Food Drive For Its Own Workers

This year, I’m thankful that I don’t work at Walmart.


Monty Python’s Eric Idle, John Cleese, Terry Gilliam, Terry Jones And Michael Palin Do A Reddit AMA

We are the knights who say “need upvotes!” [image via]


50 Years After JFK: Is It Now Impossible To Assassinate The President?

Answer: Hopefully!


Google Glass: What You’re Not Supposed To Do

It’s pretty much all the stuff you’d want to do with it.


That’s all for this this flying circus edition of The Big List!


Geoffrey Golden is the author of the bestselling humor book Frankenstein’s Girlfriend.