Season 3 Of Moonshiners Returns November 28th

Discovery’s hit show “Moonshiners” is back for season 3 starting on November 28th – this time around the series visits Appalachia stills, samples Mississippi moonshine, and showcases the illicit brew that eludes law enforcement.

A thriving multi-million dollar industry, making moonshine is still a viable business, and “Moonshiners” tells the story of those who brew their shine – often in the woods near their homes using camouflaged equipment – and the local authorities who try to keep them honest. A tradition dating back hundreds of years and passed down through generations, the origin of moonshining in the United States has been linked with the Whiskey Rebellion during the 1790s.

In Season 3, veteran shiner, Tim Smith, has a startling announcement that will forever change the face of moonshining in the region. Tim’s new venture means Tickle is on his own and he’ll need a crash course in building stills to prove it’s his time to shine. Traditionalists Jeff and Mark go modern in an attempt to dominate and expand their territory, while rookie moonshiners Josh and Bill return with new knowledge and a serious chip on their shoulders. Veteran and larger-than-life moonshiner Jim Tom is also back, as an influx of new shiners creates a wave of stiff competition. But, shiners are found throughout the country, and Season 3 also offers a first taste of Mississippi moonshines, made in the swamps by Mike, Shot, and Darlene.

The new season of “Moonshiners” begins November 28th at 10pm.

Photo: Moonshiners


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