Ender’s Game: Extended Harrison Ford Interview

It’s hard not to watch Ender’s Game and imagine that it takes place in an alternate reality where Han Solo was the leader of the Empire. Star Wars star Harrison Ford makes a rare return to the sci-fi genre in Ender’s Game, playing Colonel Graff, a military leader charged with manipulating young Ender Wiggin (Hugo‘s Asa Butterfield) into becoming the great military leader mankind needs to fend off an alien invasion… even if it costs the hero his soul. Graff comes to represent the horrors of pragmatism, offset by and trying to combat the many examples of true compassion Ender Wiggin is tempted into throughout the film. But when war threatens the very survival of the species, is compassion an expendable asset? 

We talked to Harrison Ford about these issues in our extended video interview with the Ender’s Game star. You can see the film in theaters on November 1 and draw your own conclusions.

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