Exclusive ‘Strike Back: Origins’ Episode 1 Preview Scene

Before Scott and Stonebridge made a name for themselves on Cinemax, there was “Chris Ryan’s Strike Back” on the British network Sky1

Technically, “Chris Ryan’s Strike Back” is the real first season of the show we know and love. But it’s finally getting an American premiere on Cinemax under the title “Strike Back: Origins.” Richard Armitage (The Hobbit) and Andrew Lincoln (“The Walking Dead”) star in “Strike Back: Origins” alongside Orla Brady (“Fringe”), Shelley Conn (“Terra Nova”), Colin Salmon (“Arrow”) and Jodhi May (The Other Boleyn Girl), 

Armitage has briefly appeared on the Cinemax incarnation of “Strike Back” as John Porter, a former SAS soldier who was also a member of Section 20. But in “Strike Back: Origins,” Porter is the main character alongside Hugh Collinson (Lincoln), a former comrade of Porter’s who is now in charge of Section 20. 

In our exclusive preview scene from tonight’s American premiere, Collinson briefs James Middleton (Salmon) on Porter’s tenuous connection to one of the terrorists behind the abduction of a journalist, Katie Dartmouth (Brady) in Iraq. However, Layla Thompson (May) is less than pleased at the prospect of bringing Porter into Section 20.



And in the second preview scene, a very damaged Porter argues with Collinson about their best course of action. 



Cinemax has also released a behind-the-scenes video that sets up “Strike Back: Origins” for anyone new to the series.




Don’t miss the American  premiere of “Strike Back: Origins” tonight on Cinemax!


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