A ‘Strike Back’ Reboot Is Coming To Cinemax

Last year, Cinemax and Sky brought Strike Back to an end after five seasons as one of the best action shows on TV. The final episode made its U.S. debut in October 2015, but now Cinemax and Sky are already planning to produce a new season of Strike Back with a brand new cast!

According to Deadline, original Strike Back Andy Harries came up with a new take on the series which immediately won support from both Sky and Cinemax. The project is already so far along that the new cast has been found. The Deadline report says that the primary leads will be Daniel MacPherson (The Shannara Chronicles), Roxanne McKee (Dominion), Warren Brown (Luther), and Alin Sumarwata.

The first season of Strike Back was more grounded version of the British paramilitary strike force known as Section 20, with future The Walking Dead star Andrew Lincoln and Berlin Station‘s Richard Armitage in the leading roles. The four seasons of Strike Back co-produced by Cinemax and Sky were re-imagined as more of a buddy action series staring Sullivan Stapleton and Philip Winchester. Both Stapleton and Winchester’s characters survived the series, and the new report indicates that they could reprise their roles in guest appearances. But considering that both Stapleton and Winchester are starring on NBC dramas, their availability may be limited.

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What’s changed with the newest incarnation of the series? Deadline indicates that it’s going to become “a diverse ensemble in the mold of The Fast and the Furious franchise,” while simultaneously updating the landscape of the series to deal with more current terrorist threats like ISIS. Here’s the description for the new series.

“In the new Strike Back, written by Jack Lothian, disavowed and disbanded, the Section program is restored in order to track down a notorious terrorist following a brutal prison break. Tasked with covert military intelligence and high-risk operations, the resurrected unit embarks on a lethal manhunt that will uncover a vast web of interconnected criminal activity. As the team journeys across the Middle East and Europe, they uncover a deadly conspiracy which threatens to overwhelm them all and change the face of modern warfare forever.”

Strike Back is slated to begin production in 2017, but a premiere date has not yet been revealed.

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Photo Credit: Cinemax/Sky