The Book Report Podcast #154: NYCC Wrap-Up

Iann Robinson at New York Comic-Con 2013


Greetings, ladies and gentlemen. Tonight, we bring you the One Hundred Fifty-Fourth Installment of The Book Report, Crave Online's Comic Book Podcastte, featuring your esteemed hosts, Nigel Winterbottom and Blimey Knapsack – er, Andy Hunsaker and Iann Robinson.

Iann finally got to go to a con! That's right, he went to New York Comic-Con last weekend and is now here to tell us all about his first Big-Time Con Experience, the people he met, the parties he attended, and being bowled over by Nicola Scott. We've got the news from that event, an "Agents of SHIELD" report, and a check-in with the three big events going on right now: "Infinity," "Forever Evil," and "Lights Out." Also, we heap praise on Superior Spider-Man and Hawkeye, and we discuss Superman/Wonder Woman, The Hinterkind, Nowhere Men, Coffin Hill, Letter 44, Batman Zero Year, Captain America: Living Legend, Earth 2, X-Men Legacy, Batwoman, Fantomex MAX and much, much more!



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And thanks to My Special Agent for allowing us to use their Hulk song "Anger/Danger" as our opening theme.