Dead Rising® 3: Welcome to the After Party Trailer Released

With just a month to go before the Xbox One hits store shelves (if you can find one, that is), the fever is already starting to boil for those cool new launch games, each vying to be the one that truly takes advantage of the next-gen system.

By all accounts, Dead Rising® 3 could be that game.

In this latest stint battling for survival in the zombie apocalypse, DR3 focuses the raw power of the Xbox One to open up the gameplay and send more zombie hoards at you — at unparalleled speeds — than ever before.

The guys at Capcom have whipped up this new teaser trailer "Welcome to the After Party," showing off one of the game's new combo vehicles — and the legions of undead poised and ready to make your game a short one.

Dead Rising® 3 will be an Xbox One exclusive when it's available Nov. 22.


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