NYCC 2013: Stephanie Brown Returns in ‘Batman Eternal’

Batgirl Stephanie Brown


On Friday at New York Comic-Con, DC's Batman panel saw Scott Snyder make the announcement fans have been waiting to hear since the New 52 launched, and they've asked for at every convention since – Stephanie Brown, former Spoiler, former Robin and former Batgirl – will be returning in the pages of Batman Eternal, the freshly announced weekly Batman series. The implication is that she'll appear in her original identity as Spoiler.

Still no word on the other missing ex-Batgirl, Cassandra Cain, but this should appease some of DC's most vocal critics.

Also, at the Superman panel, Scott Lobdell announced his plans to kill off Superboy and replace him with Jon Lee Kent, the son of Clark and Lois from an alternate future starting in Superboy #26, while shuffling Supergirl off to "another whole set of books in the DC Universe." Might this be another attempt to restart the Legion of Super-Heroes? Lobdell implied it had something to do with Charles Soule, who's writing Superman/Wonder Woman and Swamp Thing, among many others. Then, all the Superman creators discussed whether or not Superman should kill. At least for Snyder, it's off the table.

Tidbits abound!


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