7 Funny Chucky Pranks


Chucky, the murderous doll from 1988’s Child’s Play, has starred in 6 movies and even won an MTV Movie Award, but his most consistent gig lately is as a staple of internet pranks. People are deathly afraid of Chucky, so all you need for a good scare video is a camera and a well-placed Good Guy doll. Here are 7 hilarious Chucky pranks:


The Classic Chucky Prank

He jumped out of the movie screen and came to life to kill you. What’s the problem?


Drive Thru Chucky Prank

This is not a prank. Chucky wants his McRib.


Sleeping Girlfriend Who Hates Chucky Prank

Happy anniversary, darling!


Bus Stop Chucky Prank

Waiting for the 28 bus is murder.


Drive Thru Chucky Prank: The Movie (?)

He’s not insane. He’s a doll… but, yeah, he’s also insane.


Napping Chucky Prank

Let sleeping dolls lie.


Sleeping Girlfriend Who Hates Chucky Prank – Version 2

Is Chucky here? You bed-ter believe it!


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