Captain America to Ride a Harley-Davidson into ‘Winter’


The Breakout, introduced in 2013, will serve as Captain America’s ride in Marvel’s ‘Winter Solider.’

When Captain America rides into battle next spring, he'll be straddling one of the newest models in Harley-Davidson's 110 year old line, the Breakout.

April 4, 2014 will bring Marvel's next superhero epic, Captain America: The Winter Soldier. When we last saw Cap at the end of The Avengers, he was riding away on a Softail Slim. When he next takes up his shield, he'll be riding the Breakout.

If asked to describe just the look of a Breakout to a would-be buyer with only other Harley-Davidson rides around us in some ethereal showroom, I’d say it has the look and feel of a V-Rod Muscle from the rear and perhaps a chopper-inspired 72 from the front. When I first reviewed the bike, I hyped that back end on with that fat, angry 240/40R18 radial putting down the power of a 103 cubic inch V-Twin.

The front end fork is slightly extended for a semi-chopper feel, with wheels decorated with sharp alternating black satin and polished aluminum accents. The handlebars split the different between low-slung racing grips and gorilla bars, but buyers will be able to personalize their hand positions with other options. In fact, most of the new Breakout can be personalized online through Harley-Davidson’s web-based ordering and customization system. Suffice to say, Cap's Breakout will be customized to fit his patriotic heroism.

I rode the Breakout during the final stop of Harley-Davidson's international rally tour in Milwaukee during a 6,000 bike parade, and I can it's my favorite ride in the H-D line. Obviously, what's good enough for Captain America is good enough for me.