Matt Harvey’s Super Awkward Interview With Dan Patrick

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Mets pitcher Matt Harvey went on The Dan Patrick show Wednesday. The entire reason Harvey was invited on the show was to talk about his decision to opt out of Tommy John surgery. The ace has a partial tear of the UCL in his elbow and after consulting the famous Dr. James Andrews, decided to go for surgery-free rehab instead. The baseball world is pretty surprised by this move. Harvey's interviewee skills are what's more surprising.

Harvey, still new to the national media, evidently didn't get the memo on how these interviews usually work. He thought he was on a national radio talk show to talk anything but baseball — just his new commercial partnership with Qualcomm.

The awkwardness starts about the 1:30 mark when Harvey initially brings up Qualcomm. Patrick does a good job explaining how the whole interview opportunity works around the 4:50 mark when Harvey hangs up.

Tremendous kudos to Patrick for remaining calm and professional throughout the entire process.

Hey, Qualcomm is getting a lot of free press out of this debacle. Qualcomm.

Harvey has already apologized.


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