You Can Play Dodgeball With Deron Williams For $…

You can go here to purchase your ticket for only $800 to compete with Deron Williams in his NYC annual dodgeball tournament. Urban Daddy is offering the 20 percent off perk. What a bargain!


Here’s what the ticket includes:

A celebrity dodgeball tournament. Hosted by Deron Williams. With a VIP party.

  • You’re getting VIP Access to Deron Williams’s Dodge Barrage 2013—a celebrity dodgeball tournament where all the proceeds benefit charities such as the Point of Hope Foundation, New York Collaborates for Autism and Autism Speaks.
  • You’ve got two ticket options:


    • Option A: Compete in the actual tournament (which starts at 4pm) and attend the VIP party—which begins at 7pm and ends… whenever an NBA All-Star says so.
    • Option B: Watch comfortably from the stands… and attend the VIP party.
  • Either way, only 30 tickets remain for each. So you’ll want to move fast on these.
  • And in addition to your ticket,you’ll also receive a signed photo from Deron. So maybe don’t ask him to sign yours.
  • Along with a full afternoon of celebrities/world-class dodgeballers pelting each other for charity, there’ll also be:


    • A VIP after-party, happening on Basketball City’s 15,000-square-foot deck, with sweeping views of Brooklyn and Lower Manhattan.
    • Plenty of food and open-bar options to keep you in peak athletic condition.
    • A live auction and high-end raffle.

Are the Average Joes going to be there? If so, $800 might be worth it.

Either way, don’t show up looking like this guy.

We all know every dodgeball tournament has one.

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