Top This: The Ten Crappiest Movie Planets

Pitch Black Vin Diesel

I don't know why we're so eager to get to outer space. Every sci-fi movie every made seems to think that all the other planets in the universe are just terrible. Ugly, poisonous and filled with monsters… yeah, sign me up for a one-way flight to those. Movie planets may be more likely to sustain life than real planets, but they represent the worst kind of frontier: the kind that's more likely to kill optimistic settlers outright than offer them a new and wonderful place to live after we ruin Earth forever. Even the nicer movie planets come with their enormous share of problems.

So while Richard B. Riddick explores the adorably-named "Not Furya" in this weekend's release of Riddick, I thought I'd give you a reminder of The Ten Crappiest Movie Planets ever put on film. Can you think of a worse place in the universe to visit? Let me know in the comments if you can Top This.

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