Video Fight Club: Week 3 – Comediocracy vs. L.U.S.E.R.

Video Fight Club is a weekly web war, a fight to the e-death, mano e video, between two comedic shorts.

Last week, Comediocracy took on Dumbshit Mountain

Two separate audiences — one at and one at LA’s IO West Theater — watch and vote to decide our champion for the week. That champion will move on to face off against a new challenger this week.  You can check out last week's videos here.

Your Week 2 winner — once again — with 65% of the votes is your reigning champion Comediocracy.

But now, it's time to meet this week’s teams.

Our two-time reigning champs — that team to beat —  Comediocracy returns with 'Magic Getaway'

And our challenger L.U.S.E.R. hopes to take over with 'Bernard "Push Up" Williamson – Chest Workouts' – DiCyaah

Now, Let's Watch Some Videos



Do you create sketch comedy? Think you can take on our champion? Click here to submit your first video!


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