Video Fight Club18: WolfPunch Comedy VS BEARHUG Comedy

Video Fight Club is a weekly web war, a fight to the e-death, mano e video, between two comedic shorts.

BEARHUG Comedyreturns to battle yet again as we return with the weekly battle Video Fight Club! Our champion will move on to face off against a new challenger this week.  You can check out last week's videos here.

Your new reigning champion is BEARHUG Comedy

But now, it's time to meet this week’s teams as two giant comedy predators face off circling the carcass that is your votes!

This week's champion BEARHUG Comedy presents 'Sneaky'

And our challenger WolfPunch Comedy with 'Four Eyes'

Now, Let's Watch Some Videos

Do you create sketch comedy? Think you can take on our champion? Click here to submit your first video!


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