VIDEO: J.J. Abrams Drops Mysterious New “Stranger” Teaser Video


Remember the very vague early marketing for J.J. Abrams Cloverfield? Well the director of Star Trek and the upcoming Star Wars Episode VII is going all mysterious again.

Abrams released Monday a video called Stranger that goes from a star field, to a man washed up on a beach (with what look to be ropes on his wrists) and then an uber-creepy close up of a man's face with his lips sewn shut.

As Crave's CinemaBlend site points out, there is no telling if Abrams' Bad Robot production company is working on a TV show or feature film (maybe a web series?!).  But once again, it's a project no one not connected with it knows anything about.

Keep it with Crave for details as we find them.