7 Funny Sneezing Pranks

I’ve got a pretty bad cold right now. When your nose is runny and your throat hurts, nothing seems funny… except, perhaps, watching strangers reactions when they think they’re getting sneezed on by a prankster with a spray bottle. Here are videos of 7 hilarious sneezing pranks:


Huge Sneeze Prank

You’re pretty much guaranteed to get a cold after that.


Sneezing Flu Prank

Silly String = Sneezing String


Flu Prank (Sneezing On People)

He tried to hold it! What more do those people want?


Sneeze On The Street Prank

The farting is a classy touch.


Sneezing Prank In The UK

There they call this getting “jiminy-winkered.”


Sneeze Spray Prank At YouTube Conference

Embed this!


Sneezing On Hot Girls Prank

Hot girls can get sneezed on, just like the rest of us.


Bonus: Prank Magician Sneezes His Head Off

Dude, you need to get that checked out.


Geoffrey Golden is the Editor-In-Chief of The Devastator: The Quarterly Comedy Magazine For Humans!


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