Exclusive First Look: Marvel’s ‘Infinity: Against The Tide’

Age of Ultron was a psych-out. Marvel’s true summer event is Infinity, a massive, galaxy-spanning epic from Jonathan Hickman, and the first issue drops tomorrow. However, we here at Crave Online have been gifted with the opportunity to let you know that Infinity #1 comes packaged with a free Infinite Comic called Infinity: Against The Tide. That’s right – if you buy Infinity #1 in print or in digital form, you’ll get this bonus tie-in Infinite Comic free.

For the uninitiated, Infinite Comics is the format of the future, where Marvel specifically designs comic stories for digital reading, unfolding moment by moment exactly as the script does rather than in full page layouts. Daredevil writer Mark Waid gave Crave Online an Infinite Comics video tutorial last year, if you’d like to know more. They’ve done it with Nova, Guardians of the Galaxy and Wolverine so far, and now, the Silver Surfer is getting in on the action once he bears witness to a swarm of mysterious genocidal robots attempting to wipe out a Skrull-populated world.

Check out Crave Online’s exclusive preview of Agustin Alessio’s breathtaking art from Infinity: Against The Tide, written by Jason Latour.