Dark Horse Announces ‘Clown Fatale’

“I wanted to write a comic that was like the baby of Russ Meyer and Quentin Tarantino on whiskey and meth, and Dark Horse was cool enough to let me do it.”

That’s how writer Victor Gischler of X-Men, Buffy and Punisher MAX fame describes his forthcoming effort Clown Fatale, which he’s creating with Italian artist Maurizio Rosenzweig as a darkly comic and intensely violent story about “Femme Clowns” who get mistaken for contract killers and leave the circus to pursue their accidental new career.

“I wanted something that was grindhouse but simultaneously a parody of grindhouse. Clown Fatale is the result, and Maurizio and Moreno are killing it with the visuals.” 

Tim Seeley will be doing covers for the book, due out in November, and Gischler’s happy about that.  ““Tim’s covers also perfectly capture that grindhouse vibe. I’ve been having a great time pandering to my own base instincts. I think a lot of readers are going to file this one under guilty pleasure.”

It’s about hot clowns, which should be an oxymoron. ‘Guilty pleasure’ might not cover the uncomfortable feelings it may generate. Let’s take a look at them here, and hope we don’t soil our pants at the sight of them…



Oh, okay, they’re barely clowns at all. Yeah, ‘guilty pleasure’ it may be, after all.


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