SUITS 3.03 ‘Unfinished Business’

 Episode Title: “Unfinished Business”

Writer: Ethan Drogin

Director: Anton Cropper

Previously on “Suits:”

Episode 3.02 “I Want You to Want Me”


They may not be Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid, (though Mike likes to think so), but Harvey Specter (Gabriel Macht) and Mike Ross (Patrick J. Adams) do make one hell of a team. And everyone from fifth-year upstart, Katrina Bennett to relentless rival/stalker, Cameron Dennis feels the heat in this episode.

Sure, it’s great to see Harvey and Mike back together again, but let’s just take a moment and acknowledge how much life sucks for Louis (Rick Hoffman), right now. After treating Mike to a taste of the highlife, Litt-style, Louis gets dumped when Harvey decides to forgive Mike. It seems like the perfect set up for another round of “Litt v. Specter” and we know how that ends. Thankfully, we’re not going there. Instead, Harvey suggests Louis find a “rebound associate” to wine, dine and then dump.

Katrina Bennett (Amanda Schull) isn’t a first-year and she makes a point of letting Louis know this, but after alienating herself from just about everyone at the firm, she’s desperate for an ally and a case. Louis agrees to let her help on the potential Hessington Oil takeover. But what are his plans for Katrina once the case is closed? Louis tells Harvey he wants a “mentee” not a rebound, but if anyone deserves to get dumped, it’s Katrina.

For all her faults, Katrina does unwittingly help mend and foster a couple of relationships in this episode. When she tries to make a play for Harvey by dropping a file that could prove useful in the Hessington case, Mike confronts her and to his surprise, Donna (Sarah Rafferty) backs him up. It’s her way of letting Mike know that she, like Harvey, has forgiven him. And when Katrina accuses Mike of protecting his “girlfriend,” Rachel, he ends up officially asking her out.

While things are finally back to normal on Team Specter, Jessica (Gina Torres) has a target on her back and Darby’s sent in reinforcements to get the job done. The firm’s “fixer,” Stephen Huntley (Max Beesley) has arrived and he’s handing out fat checks and unsolicited help with the Hessington case. Harvey’s unsure of Stephen’s true agenda, but by the end of the hour it’s clear. He’s here to help oust Jessica and get a date with Donna.

In the meantime, Harvey and Mike manage to get Eva Hessington off the hook for murder charges with another one of Mike’s always-reliable last minute “a-ha!” moments. With the settlement signed, Harvey lets Mike in on his plans to wrest the firm away from Jessica. And just when everyone was starting to play nice, again…

And with that “Unfinished Business” sets up a bunch of brand new potential backstabbing scenarios. Will Louis make a true “mentee” out of Katrina or just use her for a quick and dirty rebound? Is Harvey really willing to go for the throat with Jessica or will Darby prove the bigger and more dangerous fish? What about Eva’s play for Harvey? After firing him, does she still want Harvey as her new number two? And finally, will Cameron Dennis (Gary Cole) go away quietly or continue to show up wherever Harvey happens to be having lunch?

“Unfinished Business” is exactly that and in a good way. Harvey and Mike close the Hessington case, but the issue of Eva’s guilt lingers. It’s not a feel good win for the boys, which naturally bothers Mike way more than Harvey. Just as things seem to calm down in the Pearson Darby sandbox, Stephen Huntley arrives to whip things up again. And after Rachel’s (Meghan Markle) regretful accusation that Donna needs to get a life, Stephen pulls up in a Porsche with Macbeth tickets. It’s about time Donna get into some trouble again, but if Darby has his way, she won’t be the only one.



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