SUITS 3.10 ‘Stay’

Episode Title: “Stay”

Writer: Rick Muirragui

Director: Kevin Bray

Previously on “Suits:”

Episode 3.09 “Bad Faith”

“Suits” ‘shippers rejoice! This is your episode. Unless you’re pulling for Harvey and Donna, that is…

“Stay” follows up on the never-ending Eva Hessington saga, this time pulling Scottie (Abigail Spencer) into the legal fisticuffs. You’d think after narrowly avoiding going to jail for murder, Eva would prefer a vacation to another legal battle, but unfortunately for Pearson Darby Specter (or whatever they’re going by this week, as Sheila puts it) she’s suing them for malpractice. 

The lawsuit and how the firm wiggles out of it isn’t really what this episode is about, however. The suit is just another bone for one of Harvey’s old rivals to chew on – in this case, Travis Tanner (Eric Close). Neither Tanner not Eva really care about squeezing money out of the firm. They just want to hurt Harvey (Gabriel Macht).

Eva’s sore that Harvey hasn’t apologized for what he put her through, but the way Harvey sees it, he did his job. Despite his good looks and charm, Harvey has a bad track record with the ladies, both personally and professionally. He says as much to Mike (Patrick J. Adams) when he stops by seeking advice on how to deal with Rachel. When Mike asks how he manages to keep his emotions at bay, Harvey says he keeps his personal and professional life separate. 

We know that’s not entirely true, just look at Donna and Scottie. In the case of the latter, Tanner makes Scottie his target, promising to ruin her unless Harvey agrees to settle. While deposing, or rather attacking Harvey, Tanner even drags Jessica (Gina Torres) into the melee. It’s a nasty scene that sharply contradicts Harvey’s claim about not mixing business with pleasure. 

Harvey’s not the only one whose love life takes a hit on the job. While Mike and Rachel (Meghan Markle) struggle with the possibility of a long distance relationship should she go to Stanford, Jessica figures out (with a little inadvertent help from Donna) that the two are pretty serious – which can only mean Rachel knows Mike’s secret. If it were anyone else, things might be different, but Rachel is the daughter of Robert Zane, who’s not exactly a friend to the firm. In order to protect herself, Jessica gives Mike an ultimatum: get Rachel to sign an affidavit admitting her knowledge of the fraud or Mike will lose his job. 

It’s a tough spot for the couple and another example of the cost of keeping Mike’s secret. In the end, Rachel signs the affidavit on the condition that Jessica break the “Harvard grads only” tradition and hire her once she’s graduated law school. And that law school won’t be so far away after all, as Rachel decides to go to Columbia over Stanford.

All’s well that ends well for Rachel and Mike, but these two are making some pretty heavy decisions, what with Rachel putting her future on the line for Mike. There have to be consequences for what he’s doing and it’s great to see the writers are making Mike pay them. For the time being, they’re relatively minor, but the longer he plays the game, the higher the stakes will get.

While Mike and Rachel solidify their relationship, Louis (Rick Hoffman) finds himself in a similar situation with Sheila (Rachael Harris). Up until now, the two have had a casual affair, consisting of a little slaphappy sex and some intel on prospective associates. But Sheila wants more and she lets Louis know by dangling a top prospect in front of him only to take him away. Louis is oblivious to Sheila’s agenda, but when Mike breaks it down for him, Louis realizes that “any woman who’s been repeatedly ‘Litt up’ would demand exclusive dominion over my body.” And with that, Louis gives Sheila what she, and every other woman in New York City wants – a sexual exclusivity contract with Louis Litt.

Sheila isn’t exactly swept off her feet by Louis’ legalese attempt at asking her out. Instead, she tells him to find her the following night and ask her in person. The formality is of little consequence except for the fact that he finds in a study containing the file of every singe Harvard Law School graduate. And guess who’s not there when Louis takes a peak?

Up to this point, “Stay” is a “feel good” episode. Harvey apologizes to Eva, who drops the suit, Rachel decides to stay in New York, Scottie drags the truth out of Harvey (he wants her “in his life”) and Louis gets a girlfriend. But as I said earlier, there’s a price to be paid for what Mike is doing. And while we know what Robert Zane would do with such information, it’s hard to say with Louis. He’s finally in a good place with Harvey, but how long can that last? 

It’s nice to see Louis involved in a subplot that doesn’t involve fighting with Harvey, Mike and/or Jessica but aside from providing great comic relief, Louis is also a built-in antagonist for Harvey. At the same, we know Louis will never get the better of him. He’s not good at keeping secrets, but Louis is good at doing the right thing, once he puts his ego aside. One thing we do know is that no matter what Louis does with this information, someone is going to get “Litt Up.” It’s just a matter of who and when.



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