Comic-Con 2013: Riddick Red Band Trailer Debuts — Watch It Here!


Since we know you'd love to be there, we thought we'd bring another little piece of Comic-Con goodness straight to you with the brand-new red band trailer debut for director David Twohy's forthcoming Riddick.

The gore-tastic clip was featured at an enthusiastic Comic-Con panel earler today.  From all indications here, the third installment in the Riddick series seems to be veering Vin Diesel's gravely-voiced badass away from the sci-fi warfare trappings of 2004's Chronicles of Riddick back to the Alien-esque action-scarefest of the original Pitch Black.

Safe to say, that's welcome news to pretty much all Riddick fans.

Check out the trailer above…Riddick hits theaters Sept. 6.