8 Funny Videos About Correcting Grammar


If you love correct grammar and spelling, the internet is bound to infuriate you every single day. YouTube comments alone are enough to bring grammar nazis to tears, unable to leave their beds for weeks at a time. They just can’t live in a world where people don’t know the difference between “to,” “two,” and “too.” Here are 8 funny videos about correcting grammar:


“Semicolon” – The Lonely Island

Blood pressure rises watching this; English teacher.


Grammar Nazis

Speaking of which, it’s spelled “bastards.”


Schoolhouse Rock Feels Obligated To Return

Conjunction Junction, what’s your f***ing problem?


38 Common Spelling And Grammar Errors

Who vs. Whom vs. Doctor Who vs. Doctor Whom


Second Graders Correct NFL Players’ Tweets

English scores a touchdown on Twitter.


Your Grammar Sucks

No, u are moron!


Fan Correction: Conan’s Grammar Is Terrible!

The man loves his Di’s!


“You’re Vs. Your” – Mac Lethal f/ Gotye

The grammar that I used to know.


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