Excusive Clip: Syrup ~ Amber Heard’s Four Types of Women

Men. They see women differently than women see each other. Amber Heard knows it, and she uses it to her advantage in Syrup, the new comedy from director Aram Rappaport (Innocent), based on the first novel by Max Barry. Syrup stars Shiloh Fernandez (Evil Dead) as Scat, a young advertising executive trying to protect his billion dollar idea from his competitors and co-workers. Amber Heard co-stars a "6," a woman who got ahead in business by really trying, and using the way men perceive the opposite sex to her advantage. You see, 6 believes that men only categorize women in four different ways: Mothers, Virgins, Sluts and Bitches. We'll let Amber Heard explain in greater detail for you in this CraveOnline Exclusive clip from Syrup.

Syrup premieres on iTunes and On Demand on May 2, and in theaters June 7, 2013.

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Syrup Amber Heard Four Types of Women