10 Awesome Facts About Jackie Robinson

Although I love my work, I regret working 12 hours a day when a film like “42” comes out. Itching harder than a hound with fleas since its release, I finally got the opportunity to see it this weekend. In my eyes, it had the opportunity to be the greatest baseball film ever made; it certainly is the best baseball story ever told.

“42” is beautifully shot. Rich with color, tremendous acting and amazing picturesque graphics showcasing the time period’s historic ballparks, “42” is a must-see movie for all sports fans. But while the movie was great, I learned a lot amazing facts about Jackie Robinson I never otherwise would have known. Below are just a few facts about one of the greatest — and fearless — leaders in American sports history.

Harrison Ford’s portrayal of Branch Rickey is terrific. The bond that developed between the Dodgers GM and Robinson comes across as completely genuine and realistic. The iconic moments are well represented: Robinson signing his contract with Rickey, Pee Wee Reese putting his arm around him in front of a mostly racist Cincinnati crowd, his drama with Phillies manager Ben Chapman, and most important, Robinson’s overall performance as a player, which includes one very important home run.

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Photo Credit: Getty