5 Funny Videos of Butt Drumming


If the New York Philharmonic Orchestra wants me to attend their shows, and I know they do, they’ve got to do something for me. They’ve got to hire a butt drummer, spank you very much. For now, this is happening on YouTube, but pretty soon, it’s gonna take the music world by storm. Here are 5 funny videos of butt drumming:


PATAX – “Bottom Percussion”

Best job ever?


John Sakars – “How To Play The Butt Drums”

There’s a quiz at the end, and it will count towards your final average.


Gwyn – “Double Ass Drumming”

"Could you hold still in that position for a couple minutes? No reason."


“Booty Drums”

He’s getting great sound out of those butts.


Shutdown Fullback – “Aggie Ass Slap”

The last slap must’ve been pretty powerful.


Geoffrey Golden is the Editor in Chief of The Devastator: The Quarterly Comedy Magazine For Humans!