A Celebration of Sexy Wii-Loving Girls

So the Wii U launch is almost upon us (you can click right here for our buyer's guide to the new console), which means that the good ol' original Wii has almost reached the end of its life-cycle. It had its ups and it had its downs, but overall we're gonna miss the li'l white box that could.

So in order to celebrate its departure from our TV cabinets, we thought what better way to remember the legacy it left behind that to watch YouTube videos featuring scantily-clad attractive women gyrating.

Without further ado, here's a celebration of those sexy, Wii-loving girls.


The Original Wii Fit Girl

The originator of "being very attractive whilst wearing minimal clothing and playing video games", the Wii Fit girl captured our minds, hearts, bodies and souls when we first saw her rhythmically spinning her hips inside an invisible hula hoop. We salute you, Wii Fit girl.


Wii Tennis Girl

We'd bounce our balls on her court any day, etc.


Wii Snowboarding Girl

If we were to play Wii Fit snowboarding in our underwear the result wouldn't be so much sexy as it would be an accurate portrayal of what we look like when returning home drunk at 4am.


The Wii Fit Girl V2.0

I'm not sure whether the Wii Fit's target demographic is physically healthy attractive bikini models, but they certainly make for more watchable YouTube videos than this fella would.


Raving Rabbids Girls

Our two favourite things! Playboy Bunnies and mildly amusing video game mascots!