Five Old School Games to Play with Your Roommates


Did you just move into college and you and your roommates are already tired of playing Call of Duty? Here’s a list of old school-style games that have stood the test of time. These games are perfect for a 10-minute study break or a late-night booze fest. Enjoy and feel free to recommend your own!

Mario Kart 7 (or any game from the series)


Nothing says competitive roommate gaming like Mario Kart. This racing classic is perfect for roommates that have never met and old friends looking for something to play while slamming back adult beverages. The best part about Mario Kart is that the game plays well even for non-gamers. Mario Kart is a great game in single player but becomes a classic when played with others.  

Also try: Wipeout HD

Castle Crashers


The four-player cooperative beat-’em-up genre slumbered for years before Castle Crashers came along. Then, like a ray of light burst into a dark room, this game showed that old school games need not fear old school genres. Castle Crashers is a hilarious and tense experience that is a blast when played together and emphasizes more teamwork than competition. Castle Crashers is a must own for any set of roommates interested in playing games together. Look for it on Steam soon, too!

Also try: The Simpson Arcade/X-Men/TMNT

Joe Danger


Owners of both Xboxs and PlayStations can have the pleasure of owning a Joe Danger game. Inspired by Excite Bike and Uniracers, Joe Danger 1 & 2 allow for multiplayer action and single player leaderboard battles. The game is hilariously silly and would work perfectly as a drinking game. Plus, at its core, Joe Danger is a simple game that even a novice can pick up with no previous play experience.

Also try: Trials HD, Joy Ride Turbo  

NBA Jam: On Fire Edition


One of the hallmark 2-player games, NBA Jam has toured museums like the Smithsonian. To consider the game a classic would be an understatement. While the series was dormant for a couple years, EA eventually picked up the license and breathed new life into the it. Everything that made the first game great was refreshed, updated, and enhanced for the modern era. NBA Jam: On Fire is the perfect sports game for roommates looking to show one-another up!  

Also try: NFL Blitz

Perfect Dark


Finally, this list can’t be completed without an old school shooter. For some of you, Halo: Combat Evolved Anniversary might qualify as old school. But for the serious old school gamer, you have to look back to the beginning of the console shooters. Perfect Dark is our best bet as long as Goldeneye 007 stays in the mothballs. This split screen shooter is a direct port of the original with some flaws due to it’s age. However, once you look past the fact that you can’t jump, Perfect Dark’s glorious pixels will send you back to an era of Ja Rule, Carson Daly, and frosted tips. Split screen action might seem a bit antiquated, but this gameplay style means no one can hide or sneak – because everyone shares the same screen. Perfect Dark is a classic and well worth owning in your dorm room!

Also try: Halo: Combat Evolved, TimeSplitters 2