7 Funny Pranks By Ed Bassmaster

Ed Bassmaster is from Philadelphia, born and raised – on YouTube is where he spends most of his days. Filming stuff, pranking folks, acting like a fool, shooting new videos, commenters say they rule. Here’s the Fresh Prince of YouTube Pranks, Ed Bassmaster, in 7 funny videos:


Hollywood? Psh.

All I can say about this guy is… well, psh.


Bluetooth Man

I must punch this man.


The Never Ending Story

These people desperately wish they had a “Shut Off Brain” switch.


Swollen on Rollerblades

Why won’t anyone help this guy with the gross thing?


Proposing To Strangers

He should meet this guy.


Mumbles Lost In The Hood

Frap forn!


BushMan in Central Park

BushMen are real! The legends are true!


Geoffrey Golden is the Editor-In-Chief of The Devastator: The Quarterly Comedy Magazine For Humans!