5 Hilarious ‘Sons of Anarchy’ Parodies

We LOVE Sons of Anarchy. And what's not to love? Motorcycle gangs, shoot-outs, drugs, girls, lies, blood, and intrigue! So, we've decided to throw together some quick parody videos in celebration of Season Five on FX airing in a couple of weeks.

Crack open a fresh cold beer, put on some Lynard Skynard, cock a round into the chamber and sit back and watch some very funny parody vids!


1. Sandford and Sons of Anarchy:

Season two cliffhanger is Red Foxx getting his thyroid medication stolen.


2. Jax is a bit of a hipocrite:

Jax is an awful husband.


3. Opie and the no-good, unhappy, very bad day:

Opie aka Ryan Hirst is the sad-sack of the TV Series. We love to watch him suffer.


4. Sons of Anarchy spoilers by Katy Segal and Creator Kurt Sutter

Who is sexier? Katy Segal on Sons or her character on Futurama?


5. Fan-Made Spin Off with the same quality of "Plan 9 from Outer Space"

This director grew up to be… Brett Ratner. Good work, boys!