Top 5 Creepiest Conspiracy Theories

Top 5 Creepiest Conspiracy Theories

The moon landing. Marilyn Monroe's death. The assassination of JFK. Every major event in recent history has been accompanied with a conspiracy theory of some sort, and regardless of whether or not you're the kind of (lizard) person who buys into them, it is undeniable that they make for very interesting reading. A few, however, are downright creepy. 

So put on your tin foil hat as we bring to you the top 5 creepiest conspiracy theories…


5. Lizard People

Top 5 Creepiest Conspiracy Theories

One of the most implausible conspiracy theories (and that's saying something), there exists an unreasonably large amount of people who believe that the world is run by a group of inter-dimensional lizard people called the 'Babylonian Brotherhood', who take the form of political figures and celebrities in order to influence us and eventually control us. Barack Obama is one, The Queen is one, late American country music singer Boxcar Willie was one – the conspiracists have even taken to YouTube to show us "undeniable proof" of their findings, including this admittedly-quite-creepy video of CNN reporter Brian Todd:


The lizard people conspiracy was popularised by David Icke, former BBC sports presenter, who quit his day job to convince people that George Bush is actually a human-size gecko. Not exactly the most stable of career moves, Dave…


4. 9/11 Cover-Up

Top 5 Creepiest Conspiracy Theories

There are many conspiracists who believe that the World Trade Center attacks on September 11th, 2001 were actually organised by the Bush administration in order to justify the US military's invasion of Iraq and Afghanistan. For those who believe that the government wouldn't dare sacrifice so many of its own people for its own gain, it should be noted that during the Kennedy administration there was a false-flag proposal passed through the government called 'Operation Northwoods', which called for the CIA to commit acts of terrorism in the US that would then be blamed on Cuba, which had become a Communist country under the power of Fidel Castro and who the US government wanted to go to war with. The President reportedly personally rejected the proposal, only for the documents to  later be released to the public via the John F. Kennedy Assassination Records Review Board.

Those who believe that the US government was responsible for 9/11 rather than al-Qaeda claim that the collapse of the Twin Towers was due to a controlled demolition, claiming that it would have been impossible for their vertical collapse to have been caused by the aircraft. These conspiracists refer to themselves as the '9/11 Truth movement' and include the likes of Jesse Ventura and Charlie Sheen.


3. Denver Airport

Top 5 Creepiest Conspiracy Theories

Now this is where it gets really creepy. Whereas most conspiracy theories are based around conjecture, the Denver Airport conspiracy is scarily believable. Here's the back story: built in 1995, construction of the Denver International Airport was questionable considering that Denver already had a fully-functioning airport, and the new airport featured even less runways and no new technological advancements to justify its existence – the only advantage that the new airport had over the old one was the unnecessarily large amount of space it occupied.

Conspiracists believe that the large amount of unoccupied space that the airport is built upon is a cover-up for what lies beneath… namely, a huge underground military bunker, which would reportedly be used to house people of importance in the event of an attack. However, unlike many conspiracy theories, this one isn't without its evidence – the airport is lined with strange, terrifying murals depicting mass genocide. Here's just a couple of them:

Top 5 Creepiest Conspiracy Theories

Top 5 Creepiest Conspiracy Theories

Not exactly the kind of paintings you'd want to see before going on holiday, are they?

Denver Airport went roughly 3.1billion dollars over budget, except no one quite knows who paid for it. A stone in the terminal states that it was funded by 'The New World Airport Commission', but therein lies another mystery – the New World Airport Commission doesn't actually exist. 

Conspiracists believe that the New World Airport Commission is a nod to the New World Order (we'll get to them later), and that the highly advanced bunker built underneath the airport will house VIP's when the New World Order eventually begins its genocide of the human race (again, later). Others believe that the airport will be used as a modern concentration camp, with its Nazi-esque imagery (from an aerial view even the runways are shaped to look like a swastika) and ability to house thousands of people cited as evidence for this belief. Whatever the reasoning behind its strange aesthetics, no airport should greet its visitors with a giant statue of a demonic war-horse the way that Denver does.

Top 5 Creepiest Conspiracy Theories


2. Area 51

Top 5 Creepiest Conspiracy Theories

The most enduring and popular conspiracy theory, the debate as to whether or not secret US military base Area 51 houses alien spacecraft (and potentially aliens themselves) has raged on for years now, and will never stop until the day the government decide to stop being such dicks and let us see what they've got hidden in there.

Area 51 has become so deeply embedded in popular culture that it's almost impossible to think of it storing anything other than dead aliens and UFO's, but those who deny that the base is being used to tinker with extra-terrestrials claim that it is instead used to store secret military weaponry and vehicles. 

A common belief conspiracists share is that the base is where the remains of the spacecraft and the extra-terrestrial beings found in the wreckage of the famous Roswell incident of 1947 are kept, although the Roswell conspiracy has been heavily discredited over the years.

Nonetheless, whatever the US military is storing in Area 51, they really don't want anyone else to find out about it.


1. New World Order

Top 5 Creepiest Conspiracy Theories

As far as conspiracy theories go, you can't get much larger in scale than the New World Order. The New World Order are supposedly a collection of the world's most important and influential people, who seek to eventually form one authoritarian world government. However, in order to do this they would need to drastically reduce the earth's population to around 2 billion, with conspiracists believing that they will do this by staging a mass genocide of the human race. 

It's argued that the New World Order has been making steps towards complete control over us over many centuries, staging elaborate events such as the World Trade Center attacks in order to impose things such as anti-Terrorist laws upon us, that are put in place to unwittingly take away our freedom.

The New World Order incorporates most other popular conspiracy theories, including all those that have previously been mentioned in this list, but believers tend to omit some of the wilder theories (the lizard people, for example) depending on their believability. 

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