‘Star Trek Continues’ Cast Interviews

Star Trek has seen its share of fan-made series and films. So even though mega-fan Vic Mignogna has decided to go where other men have gone before, he’s taking it to a whole new level with Star Trek Continues, which picks up right where The Original Series left off.

Life-long Trekkie Athena Stamos interviewed Vic (best known for his proliferous voice acting work and acting as Captain Kirk), Grant Imahara (best known from Mythbusters and playing Mr. Sulu) and Chris Doohan (James Doohan’s son, who is playing Scotty). They talk about how they captured the look and feel of the beloved Original Series and how they avoided the pitfalls that fan films often fall into. Plus Chris recounts some hilarious mishaps as a troublemaking child on the hallowed Original Series set. So sit down, pour yourself some Romulan Ale, and check it out.



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