Why Is This College Football Player Wearing A Dress?!

Kenny Still is an Oklahoma wide receiver that evidently might be moonlighting somewhere else on the side. Whereabouts unknown.

No matter how you frame it, this picture gives every Big 12 foe some ammunition coming into the fall semester next month.

Early Halloween? Lost a bet? Playing ‘house’ with his five-year-old cousin Martha??

Who cares. This dude is wearing a dress.

Soon after the picture was released online, Oklahoma State linebacker Jeremiah Tshimanga had this to say on Twitter: “What is Kenny Stills wearing?…smh, I don’t want to know why…I guess this is what they do at OU.”

Stills caught 61 passes for 849 yards and eight touchdowns last year for the Sooners. Not bad. Definitely not good enough to prevent some very outrageous t-shirts sure to hit campus’ during road games however.



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