The Kevin Bacon Conspiracy

You've probably played Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon. "So-and-so was in this movie with so-and-so, and then they were in this movie with Kevin Bacon." But did you know that this game hides the secrets to the universe? And at the center of the universe is Kevin Bacon. And the truth could be darker than any of us could have imagined. 

Strung out on coffee and doughnuts, we here at CRAVE have unlocked the dark secret behind the MYTH OF KEVIN BACON. Coicidence? We think not.

Take a look at who has a hidden connection to Kevin Bacon — some of the most evil, corrupt people on the planet and tell us these isn't something else behind it!


Anton LaVey (Founder of the Church of Satan) was in

The Devil's Rain (1975) with

Eddie Albert (I) was in

The Big Picture (1989) with

Kevin Bacon!


Donald Rumsfeld was in

Being W (2008) with

Jim Meskimen was in

Apollo 13 (1995) with

Kevin Bacon!


Charles Manson was in

Death Diploma (1987) with

Joseph Campanella (I) was in

The St. Valentine's Day Massacre (1967) with

Tom Signorelli was in

Sleepers (1996) with

Kevin Bacon!


Mel Gibson (I) was in

Earth and the American Dream (1992) with

Dustin Hoffman was in

Sleepers (1996) with

Kevin Bacon!


Adolf Hitler was in

Universal Newsreel (1945/XII) with

Ed Herlihy was in

The King of Comedy (1983) with

Chuck Low (I) was in

Sleepers (1996) with

Kevin Bacon!


Saddam Hussein was in

WMD: Weapon of Mass Destruction (2004) with

Arnold Schwarzenegger was in

Eraser (1996) with

John Slattery (I) was in

Sleepers (1996) with

Kevin Bacon!


Kim Kardashian was in

Deep in the Valley (2009/II) with

Denise Richards was in

Sundance Skippy (2010) with

Kevin Bacon!


CRAVE ONLINE is in no way associated with the Illuminati. Seriously. Not at all. So don't check.