HBO Go Now Available on Xbox 360


Update: It's been a long time coming, but HBO Go on Xbox 360 is finally available for Comcast Xfinity subscribers. Comcast subscribers can rush to their 360s to find an update for HBO Go waiting for them to download. You'll now find Comcast listed as one of the providers available to activate HBO Go on Xbox 360 with. Stop reading this now and get to watching some of the best progamming television has available, fellow Xfinity subs!

Original Story: We were promised it on April 1st — the day season 2 of Game of Thrones premieres — but it appears HBO decided to prematurely release their HBO Go app on the Xbox Live marketplace today. That's right kids, you can now rush to your Xbox 360 and download the HBO Go app to start enjoying every HBO series/special/whatever streaming through your 360. Say goodbye to your loved ones, you won't be seeing them for a while. There is a lot of quality television to be watched.

The only snag to enjoying HBO Go on Xbox 360 is that you need to be an Xbox Live Gold member and subscriber to HBO through your cable provider. If you are both of those things, then by all means, start watching immediately. 

However, at the time of publishing this article, we're noticing Comcast Xfinity isn't supported yet, which is odd considering a dedicated Xfinity app just released today for the Xbox 360 as well. Hopefully this gets sorted out soon. Us Comcast subscribers need our HBO Go goodness too! 

We'll update this post if Comcast gets wise and fixes this grave error in judgment.