Prophecy: Dynamite’s First Ever Crossover Event

Dynamite Entertainment has announced their first ever major crossover event, entitled Prophecy, which will be written by Ron Marz and illustrated by Walter Geovani, with covers from Paul Renaud. They’ve crossed characters over before, such as The Lone Ranger and Zorro, but Prophecy looks to bust the blocks open on this one.

Check out the list of characters being folded into this self-contained, 7-issue story: Vampirella, Red Sonja, Dracula, Athena, Alan Quartermain, Pantha, Purgatory, Dorian Gray, Kulan Gath, Eva, and even Herbert West the Reanimator. You may not recognize all of these names just yet, but when Prophecy #1 comes out in June, it should be a perfect opportunity to start to learn them.

“We have discussed a major cross-over at Dynamite for some time, but wanted to wait till we had the best project possible with the right creative team.  With the Mayan Prophecy in 2012, it felt like the perfect time to have our first major cross-over.  Ron was the first writer we thought of and approached, and were ECSTATIC when he said yes.  The result is months of discussions for our biggest cross-over ever!,” says Dynamite Entertainment President and Publisher Nick Barrucci.  “Ron’s Artifacts series at Top Cow has been nothing short of amazing, and since this is our first major cross-over, we wanted to do it right.  We are keeping Prophecy focused and tight, so this seven issue series is set up so that this is the only series fans will need to read!”

That Mayan prophecy will be a major story element that brings all these characters together, with the fate of the world hanging in the balance of a threat from an army of darkness.

“I’ve written a fair number of crossover stories over my career, and one of the reasons I keep coming back to them is that they almost always end up being fun,” says Marz. “There’s something intrinsically comic-booky about a bunch of characters meeting for the first time. One of the attractions of Prophecy when it was offered to me was that we talked about embracing that aspect, the sensibility that a comic can still be fun, with big action moments as well as big characters moments. I’m really looking forward to getting to play with this bunch of characters.”




For a little more information on who these characters are, check out this introductory art:













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