6 Ways To Cheat At Rubik’s Cube

At some horrible point in your life, you’ll be faced with solving a Rubik’s Cube. One asshole in your group will know how to do it, but the rest of you will suffer at the hands of that cubish bastard. Or you can take the classic 80s puzzle into the bathroom and cheat, which is how the pros do it. If you decide to take the McGyver route, here are 6 ways to cheat at Rubik’s Cube:


Peeling The Stickers

Classic. [via]



You’re just solving the cube artistically. [via]



I think Rubik’s Cubes were actually supposed to come with screwdrivers. [via]


Solution Tattoo

Now if only I understood math… [via]


Lego Robot

Soon, they’ll agree humans are inefficient at solving Rubik’s Cubes and that’ll be the end ‘o humanity. [via]



www.thankgodifoundaneasywaytosolvethisstupidpuzzle.com [via]


Geoffrey Golden is the Editor In Chief of The Devastator, the national comedy magazine for geeks. Header via.