7 Rap Songs About Burgers

Everybody in the house get yo hands up in the muthaf***in’ air! Now wrap those hands around a muthaf***in’ burger, y’all! Ya gotta eat that shit, son! You know, I’d better leave burger rapping to the professionals. Here are 7 hip-hop songs about fast food’s most ubiquitous meal: the burger.


Drive-Thru Rap

Woman trying to do her job ruins goofy rap.


Burger Pattern

Fat Boys were all about burgers, saxophone and number patterns, y’all. That’s how they did it back in the day.


Big Mac Attack!

Any song that rhymes “Grimace” with “bitches” has a special place in my heart.


McDonalds: The Rap

The Peter Sellers of YouTube burger rap videos.


Grill Skills

Why can’t all rap songs teach you how to work a minimum wage job?


Russian Burger King Commercial

If I go to Russia and the Burger Kings aren’t like this, I’m gonna be extremely disappointed.


Let’s Go To McDonalds

Apparently the rapper got fired for doing this. Best reason to get fired ever?


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