Calvin and Hobbes: 20 Years Later

It’s been a long time since beloved comic strip heroes Calvin and Hobbes, drawn by cartoonist Bill Watterson, sledded off into the great unknown. Where are they now? Are they terrorizing the girls in the office and imagining themselves as space explorers at the DMV? Let’s see what a few talented artists on the interwebs think.


Calvin and Hobbes: Together Forever

Pfft… Moms. [via]


Calvin and Hobbes: Insanely Good Friends

“So, let’s talk about your tiger friend… how real is he exactly?” [via]


Calvin and Hobbes: The College Years

Susie grew up to be a really hot booger-brain. [via]


Calvin and Hobbes: High On Imagination

…and drugs. [via]


Calvin and Hobbes: The Lost Years

Not even Spaceman Spiff can save him. [via]


Calvin and Hobbes: Private Investigators

Coming up next on USA. [via]


Calvin and Hobbes: The Next Generation

Guess who’s coming out of retirement? I know you already know. [More]


Calvin and Hobbes: The Next Generation – Pt. 2

One last look at a truly adult Calvin… Boooooo! Be a child forever! [via


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