7 Funny Pizza Signs (Hold The Olives)

Are you hungry for some pizza? I know I am. Unfortunately, those “geniuses” in Silicon Valley haven’t figured out a way to send pizza through cable lines. Social networking? More like social not-working… on sending pizzas through the internet!

So instead, here are 7 funny signs about pizza. Hopefully, this’ll tide you over until the pizza guy shows up. Oh man. So hungry…


The Fresh Pizza

Looks like someone is having a good Willenium. [via]


Unarmed Pizza

I guess I’ll just leave them in the car then—wait a minute! [via]


Critically-Acclaimed Pizza

“Uh, I didn’t order any meth on this.” [via]


Confusing Pizza

Ahhh, my brain hurts. Please put some aspirin on my pizza, thanks. [via]


Unappetizing Pizza

Y’know, I’m not even really hungry. [via]


Pizza’s Role in 9/11

Okay, pizza may not be a hero, but it’s certainly no coward! [via]


Pizza Power

I remain cautiously optimistic. [via]


Geoffrey Golden is the Editor in Chief of The Devastator, “The Quarterly Comedy Magazine For Humans,” in comic book stores across the country. Header image via.