DC Reboot: Wildstorm Comes to the DCU

In funkier DC Reboot news, the Wildstorm universe is now officially going to be folded into the DC Universe proper, as evidenced by today’s #1 reveals featuring not only Grifter from Jim Lee’s WildC.A.T.S., but also Midnighter and Apollo from Warren Ellis’ The Authority showing up for an apparently restart of Stormwatch, with Martian Manhunter on the team.  Does this negate J’onn J’onzz’s long-standing Justice League status?  How much of their own canon will they retain?  Will they be as extreme and brutal?  Some of the many mysteries awaiting us.

Check out today’s DC news, also featuring Jonah Hex, Deathstroke and even Dan DiDio taking on a title himself.



This deadly superhuman strikeforce kept secret from the rest of the world try to recruit Midnighter and Apollo in an effort spearheaded by Jack Hawksmoor.  If they refuse, it may be up to the Martian Manhunter to change their minds.  Paul Cornell and Miguel Sepulveda are on board to take over the Warren Ellis creations.



Nathan Edmondson and artists CAFU and BIT (yeah, that’s how things are done now) bring us the story of Cole Cash, a charming ex-black-ops guy who doesn’t look like Deadpool at all, of course not, why would you say that?  Grifter’s out hunting and killing inhuman creatures that only he can see, which leads everyone else to think he’s gone off his rocker and become a serial killer.  Even his brother thinks he’s loco.



Slade Wilson is a metahuman merc with an eye whom Deadpool has nothing to do with, of course not, why would you say that?  Kyle Higgins, Joe Bennett and Art Thibert show us his quest to regain his fearsome legacy at all costs.



That ornery bounty-huntin’ cuss Jonah Hex has his name taken off the title, but he gets other Old West heroes backing him up in supplemental stories.  In fact, Hex is going pretty far east for a western, as Amadeus Arkham tries to enlist his services to hunt down a serial killer back in the early days of Gotham City.  Justin Gray and Jimmy Palmiotti keep their western saga alive with art from Moritat.



Ivan Brandon and Tom Derenick craft the story of the grandson of the legendary Sgt. Rock assuming command of Easy Company in a modern-day military landscape that also includes the aftermath of supervillainy. 



Yo Joe!  Mike Costa and Ken Lashley are not telling stories of the crack team of World War II pilots, but rather a modern story about a crack team of mercenaries always sporting the latest hardware in their efforts to kill bad guys.  Where does Zinda Blake, the lovely Lady Blackhawk, fit into all this?  With any luck, she’ll be around somewhere.



DC honcho Dan DiDio is writing this one himself, alongside Keith Giffen, who is also co-illustrating with Scott Koblish.  They’re teaming up for the story of a man transformed by Brother Eye against his will into a killing machine.


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